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Collaborative Care Learning Network

The Collaborative Care Learning Network is a welcoming home for sharing ideas and experiences about creating better care. Through a combination of in-person meetings and virtual communications activities, participants in the Collaborative Care Learning Network are able to broaden and deepen understandings of collaborative care through stories told, questions asked, and lessons learned with people and practice sites on similar journeys.

Simulations and shared discusions of lessons learned from bedside collaborative rounds - Annual Meeting of the Collaborative Care Learning Network, San Antonio.

Tidbits Blog

The Tidbits Blog is a meaningful point of connection about collaborative care, written by varying authors. The Tidbits Blog is place to share insights and experiences, and keep in touch across the Collaborative Care Learning Network.

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Collaborative care seems simple, and, in a way it is. Yet, the realities of implementing collaborative care in traditional care settings are nuanced and fascinating. Recorded Videos offer compelling ways to share lessons learned, and models to strive for, across the Collaborative Care Learning Network.

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When a Blog just doesn't do it, and the annual meeting is still many months away, a chance to visit on ZOOM with peers on a Webinar can be incredibly affirming and heartening. Join Host Jane Taylor and a variety of special guests, together with many others across the Collaborative Care Learning Network, on these welcoming calls.

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Annual Meeting

Without question the most rewarding meeting you will attend this year is the Annual Meeting of the Collaborative Care Learning Network. Connect with friends old and new, discuss what you are learning in your own care environment, ask questions, and enjoy the insights of others who share your interests and curiosity. The annual meeting is designed to be a hands on, immersive learning experience, rich with human connections...Just like collaborative care! Costs are deliberately held low so everyone can attend. Join  us! We invite and welcome you!

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