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The Collaborative Care Alliance is a voluntary association of practitioners, researchers, patients, family members, and others who share an interest in new models of collaborative care with active engagement of patients and families. An important part of the outreach activities of the Collaborative Care Alliance is the Collaborative Care learning Network.


The Collaborative Care Learning Network is an online and in-person knowledge and learning structure created to share insights and experiences about collaborative care. Self-organizing working groups support an emerging set of activities for the Collaborative Care Learning Network, including a discussion forum, web calls, videos, webinars, and and an annual meeting.

Anyone with an interest in creating better health care is invited and welcome to be part of the Collaborative Care Alliance and to participate in any of the activities of the Collaborative Care Learning Network. Most of the activities have no cost. When it is necessary to recover expenses (such as publication costs, webinars, or registration fees for the annual meetings), costs are intentionally kept as low as possible to maximize opportunities for participation.

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